Nevada National Guard Patriotic Decorative Wreath with Camouflage

Nevada National Guard Patriotic Decorative Wreath with Camouflage

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Celebrate your loved one in the National Guard with this unique wreath arrangement. Featuring a national guard graphic in the center and patriotic flags on each side of the wreath, this is truly a one of a kind piece.

The wreath is easy to hang on any door or surface with either a command hook or a metal hook. It is made of materials that are long lasting and durable, making it a decoration you can use over and over again, or hand down to the person you are celebrating as a keepsake.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an enlistment, or a homecoming, you'll love the look and quality of this decoration. It is with deep dedication to the troops that we produce this wreath, and we truly hope that it helps make any celebration you are having that much more memorable and enjoyable. It's a great item to hold on to through the years to remember the important milestones of one's military career!

Special order with vinyl on metal sign
Size is: 36" Tall, 18" wide and 4" deep

Materials: Military Figure, camouflage, Deco Mesh, burlap.