My Start of the Craft Journey

Hello, I'm Karen Weathers, owner, designer and producer at Weather Or Knot Crafts where my designs are from the heart. Please let me share why I started this journey of crafts.

I'm part of the Middle Generation, those who need to take their ill parents into their home. This happened to me and it changed my life. After only four months of living with my family, my father passed away. My mother made herself bedridden after that happened. After a few months, I asked her if she was going to lay in her bed and just die. She didn't answer, so I went downstairs and cried. I had to find something to get her out of her room. So I went to a craft store and bought some flowers and greenery. When I got home I asked my mom to come down to the dining room to see what I had. She reluctantly agreed. When she came in the room, she asked what the flowers were for, I told her we are going to make flower arrangements. At first, she just sat in the chair, then she started taking flowers and putting them in bunches. We then did this together and she was a changed woman, as was I. We sold a few to buy more supplies, and I found a new joy for designing different items. We started to make wreaths and sold them as well.

I want to help others improve the look of both the outside and inside of their home with my designs. If I don't have the exact item they are looking for in my shop, I love collaborating with them to bring their item to life. Thank you for stopping in, I would love to help you make it easy to decorate your home for all seasons. I love making handmade and custom craft items, like wreaths, dolls, gnomes, centerpieces, floral arrangements. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send me a message, we can discuss your ideas and turn it into a special item for your home. If you would like to purchase any item for a gift, we can ship it for you. Check back often and watch my shop grow. Have a great day.

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