Easy decorating ideas for your home using seasonal wreaths

Welcome to the easiest way to update your decorating process for your home.

Using a different wreath for all seasons and holidays makes a statement.

Wreaths are no longer just for Christmas. With the different styles of wreaths available, decorating schemes can easily be matched.

What type of wreaths bases are there?

Here are some examples of the different wreath bases: Evergreen, wire, grapevine (also called twig, wood, stick), straw and foam. All of these bases are embellished with different items to represent the given subject which includes seasons and holidays.


What items are used to make the wreath different for each day?

Some of the different items used for embellishment are floral, greenery, deco mesh, ribbons, bows, signs and figurines. These are all driven by the individual preferences of the maker or customer.


Can you have a wreath on your front door year round?

The answer is absolutely. It provides a warm welcoming statement to family, friends and neighbors. The first impression gives the beholder an insight into what might be instore for them upon entering your home.

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